Tea day

Today has started a lot later than anticipated…..

On Monday I went to the Art shop to buy some turps, usually I get the low odour stuff, but this week I’m pretty skint so I decided to buy the cheap White Spirit and make do. What an error. Two days later I was coughing, sneezing and spluttering. I sounded like Gollum and looked like an Orc. My head was splitting in two and everything I looked at had doubled or tripled. So today I got up very late and now it’s practically lunch time and I’m still in my pyjamas drinking tea. Still, it is very good tea.

There are times in between the tea that I feel the world shifting into a sort of “mufty” day. Sitting inside a large hypothetical slipper, cushioned by fleece and feeling life from the inside out, the mufty day provides a chance to let the work breathe out loud.

I’m working on a small painting this week. It’s a painting of a toad in armour perched on the shoulder of Queen Elizabeth I. I’m also reading The Picture of Dorian Gray.

How old is Elizabeth I? I wonder….


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