by Helen Barker

I am thinking about rocks.

Today I finished a small painting of the sea breaking against some rocks. At the same time, I heard a song by Nina Simone called Sinnerman.

Oh Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?/ Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?……/Well I run to the rock, please hide me…./But the rock cried out, I can’t hide you…./So I run to the river, it was bleedin’…./I run to the sea, it was boilin’….

So I am thinking about rocks. I am also thinking about the album sleeve to Led Zeppelin’s LP Presence. Led Zeppelin are a rock band. I like the absent/present image/obelisk on the album sleeve. It makes me think of that place of shelter in Sinnerman. Of a rock that says “I can’t hide you”. I want to write more about this.

The waves break against the rocks/ the storms are coming/ there is a light on the horizon/ and a strange sound of drumming/

I look towards the objects/ making holes on the page/ they make the shapes of rocks/ flattened with rage/

I run to the rocks/ I see no one, I am alone/ trying to hide/ trying to get blood from a stone…