The Retrospective. . .

This weekend was the Telegraph Hill Arts Festival. As part of this Jennifer Jarman and myself exhibited under our collective title “We Started Without You” and presented The Retrospective. . . an exhibition in our own home.

Inspired by my recent comic interventions for the Testing Ground catalogue and our previous work together we dug out images of our work over the past 5 years and made our very own walk-in-comic. Shadows of furniture in our house were tracked on the walls with black lines, speech bubbles emerged from inanimate objects and text/image were combined to tell the story of where we have come from.

Our very different paths converge in the present tense and we find ourselves pre-occupied with overlapping interests. What happens when you flatten the world through drawing? Can an ironing board be made of the same stuff as speech? Does language act as a prop or  a system of mapping? What kind of world does line describe? Holes, slippages in time and runaway thoughts seep through our carpets and settle on the skirting boards.

We fall away from reality into some other world. A world we started without you.




Here are a few more  images from the show. . . . .


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