My shoe that looks a bit like someone else’s shoe

Names are hard to remember. They’re tricky to get right. And when you get them wrong they can cause rifts in relationships. It’s harder still to establish one’s own name. My recent article on blogging was published in A-N magazine in March, though I have only just discovered its existence on the web. This may have something to do with the fact that I am published under a variation of my name. I always feel slightly peeved when people publish my name incorrectly. But, having undoubtedly done it to others myself, I withhold my frustration. Still, I can’t help feeling a little precious over the representation of my identity in the public realm. Things get attached to names, a bit like things get stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You have to try and shake them off if they’re unwanted, but if they’re not then its important to claim them fully as your own. No – I WANT this bit stuck to my shoe. It’s mine. Consequently when something gets stuck that looks like yours but feels a bit different, it can feel like your wearing someone else’s shoe. But this really is MY shoe. Enjoy –

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