CGP Summer Open Exhibition

Yesterday was the opening of the CGP Summer Exhibition. This is an unselected open exhibition. It’s a great little show in a great little gallery. There’s a real variety of works from paintings, to sculpture to time based stuff. As you walk into the room the colour and experimental nature of each individual’s practice surrounds you. The gallery have done a good job curating the work as well. It was good to see that so many different works can all hold their own place amongst each other. There’s plenty to see, from the amature doodle to the more thought seeking and rehearsed composition.“Two”, 350mm x 250mm oil on Canvas, 2011

“Seven”, 350mm x 250mm oil on Canvas, 2011

Amongst the bustling and busy walls of colour sat three of my works. It was really nice to see them sharing a space with other art and I was amazed at how much more alive they looked in the gallery. The only problem was that CGP does not hang diptychs together, so my work “Two and Seven” had been split up. Interestingly this worked much better for “Seven” than for “Two”. I think this is to do with the boldness of “Seven” compared the more quietly introspective nature of “Two”, and the fact that “Two” was hung high up on a wall. This show really complements self-contained and colourful images. But it was surprisingly successful at allowing each piece to retain its identity within the crowd. It felt like a real celebration of making art, which was refreshing and fun. “Rocks”, 300mm x 250mm, Oil on Canvas, 2011

There is much food for thought here, and I am keen to go back to some of the inspiration for my painting “Rocks”, which was also submitted, and develop some more work from this. Showing work in new situations can really revitalise it. It also gives the artist a chance to see their work a little more objectively, out of their own head (or living room!)

The show is open Wednesday 03 – Sunday 14 August so if you have the time, do go and check it out. It’s in Southwark Park too, which is a lovely little patch of green. Grab yourself an ice-cream, converse with the geese and wander round the gallery, stopping in the cafe for a long cool glass of lemondae – perfect! Map here. 

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