New – Image Journal

I’m still messing about with the content on my website. It takes a while to get these things the way you want them, and I’m aware of how much more there is to come so I want to leave room for additions.

However, my latest addition (and something I’ve been wanting to get started for a while) is my Image Journal. Since writing this blog I’ve been aware of how I have a way of thinking that just doesn’t translate into words. I need a space that can accommodate this dialogue. The written blog has been (and continues to be) vital to my development as an artist, and so it goes without saying that a visual blog would be of equal importance. I’m hoping it will also be a place to encourage me to be less precious about image making. A place where  my visual thought process can move a long a little more freely. Just like this blog, I anticipate it will change over time and there will be both awkward posts and revealing posts. For some reason, when it comes to posting anything visual I always feel much more vulnerable. So this is also a test in confidence for me. But I am looking forward to the journey.

The first few posts are always the hardest because there is little context in which to place each item. But, for those who are interested – or may want to check it out in the future when it’s a little more underway – here is the link:

Remember, this is an open sketch book and not a series of ‘finished works’.

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