Just Launched – Radio Trapdoor!

by Helen Barker

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my pilot ‘radio show’ – Radio Trapdoor.

Completed for the critical component of my MFA, Radio Trapdoor is an experimental take on what it is to talk about/around an art practice, and uses a selection of songs and sounds to weave a tapestry around an investigative dialogue.

This is my first attempt at a project like this, so do allow for small errors, and possible fluctuations in sound quality. We only improve as we continue our journey – so I have no doubt that Radio Trapdoor will continue to change and develop over time.

In the mean time, please go to the website to listen to the show and read all about it!

“Sometimes the conversation aims to dig deeper into the roots of a particular work of art, exploring its context and how it fits into contemporary life. Sometimes the dialogue is more poetic and abstract, using language as a tool for progressing into the unknown.” – Radio Trapdoor//About