Poem (song)

Sometimes when I type I pretend my keyboard is a piano and that the keys are not letters but notes. I make music and I tap to a rhythm. Sometimes the words come out better that way. Mistakes get incorporated into the overall sound of the piece.

Here’s a poem/song/thing I just wrote. I don’t think I’ve written one for quite some time. But I was about to go out when I felt I needed to set it free. It has no formal structure. It is what it is…..mistakes and all.


Sitting in the chair, deep in the back of my mind,
The ocean laps at the shore, and my vision renders me blind.

There’s no way I can know what the future will bring me,
But I can know this – the day to come is when I’ll see.

And when it arrives, more than ready I surely will be,
No one gonna stop me from looking, when the tide hits the back of sea.

You don’t know me yet, maybe you never will,
Somethings are meant to stay still.

Think I gotta serve me some dreams, sip from the bottle of hope,
Trust in the pull of the moon, and wait for the loosening of the rope.

No matter what the new day brings, whether new starts or old ends,
It’s coming with or without me – with or without my friends.

I can’t fear the turn of the table, can’t wish for a better seat,
I got what I been given – that’s as solid as the ground beneath my feet.

Dancing on the roof of desire, breathing through the sky in a daze,
I may look like this to you babe, but I ain’t really fazed.

I got a compass truer than a star in the night, brighter than a burning sun,
No matter I can’t always see it, it’s there all the same – ain’t never gone.

Give me a lifetime to learn, then gimme another to make it right,
No time to tell you how, no time to sleep through the night.

I’m shaking like a leaf on a tree, rocking in the chair of my mind,
But I’m truer to you than any other promise you’ll find.



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