Bartle: Catalogue

by Helen Barker

As previously posted, I was commissioned to write the press release and catalogue for Sheffield based artists Richard Bartle’s solo exhibition Deities at the bottom of the garden. The catalogue is on sale at Site Gallery, Sheffield (amongst other places) and can be purchased here. It’s a beautiful book designed by The Designers Republic and containing my own essay, Being and essay on the subject of Deities at the bottom of the garden.

Bartle Catalogue text headingAn excerpt from which I will include here:

Deities at the bottom of the garden sustains an inquisitive tension between the microcosm of our individual beliefs and the macrocosm of our worldly inheritance. Moving as tourists from one attraction to another we find ourselves navigating the significance of human creativity and ritual practice. Art meets tradition in the garden shed and our early ancestral practices are revealed. Art, after all, was borne out of a kind of adoration for the world around it and has its roots, as Walter Benjamin writes, in the service of the ritual.

Bartle Catalogue cover