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IMG_4842About nine months into maternity leave with my daughter I quit my ‘office job’ to return to freelance work as a painter. Essentially I am starting a business. From scratch. On less than five hours sleep most nights. From home.

But it’s amazing. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating.

And a bit mad.

Having a baby and then keeping her alive, healthy and happy is more than a full time job. So finding time to work, and working from home, can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. Today I ventured out to the local coffee shop and it has been a real treat. My new office is really wherever I am so finding a little spot by a window where I can drink tea uninterrupted without the Everest-like heights of my washing casting a shadow over me, is bliss. Oh and I get to order ‘Hipster toast’, which makes me feel a tiny bit (self-consciously) cool again for the first time in months.

Everything moves so fast with a baby. The days blur into one. Trying to slow time down to capture that one moment worth keeping in mind forever is a constant challenge. Looking through the images of babies and children that I am using to begin my portraits, I wonder what is happening in that exact moment; that exact moment the baby is caught on screen, in her rapidly changing world? There are too many moments to capture it feels impossible to pick one. So I am particularly excited about my portraiture business, because creating an artwork from these snapshots provides me – and more importantly you – with a unique interpretation of a little life in the here and now. It makes that moment a little more easy to stick – a little more memorable. And I don’t know about you, but my memory could use a little help these days!

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