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Opening the mail


This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but just haven’t got around to. Lately it struck me that, although I spend as much time as possible on my painting business, I am for the most part (for the moment), an at-home Mum. And as such I spend a lot of time coming up with activities for my daughter to engage with. I thought it would be good to share them with you from now on! So, I’ll try to blog about them as much as I can and share with you any tips or ideas I have for entertaining toddlers!


My daughter is 14months and she loves to open things. Cans, boxes, packets, bottles… envelopes. So, taking advantage of this, and to help her fine motor skills along, I created an Opening the Mail activity with her toys.


I took a dozen small envelopes and put a toy or activity card in each one, folded them over and placed them in a small box with a lid. In the morning after breakfast, when she is happiest to concentrate on such things, I sat her in the lounge and let her explore.

She had a lot of fun ripping open the mail! She even examined the toys again as though they were new, and we talked about what they were called and looked like etc. She didn’t do these all at once but it was an activity she came back to throughout the day. As an extension to the activity I tried to encourage her to put the toys back in the envelopes/box afterwards. She wasn’t so keen on this part – maybe one for a future date!


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