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I’m doing videos people! I’m SO excited to announce/share/be brave enough to introduce you to my first ever vlog. In this video you can watch a time-lapse of a painting as I create it from start to finish. I love painting trees, forests and pathways through wooded landscapes. They evoke so much for me – of journeys, places I’d like to wander and places I’ve been. For this painting I was really excited to try something new. I imagined my landscape and let it unfold as I painted. This was scary but exciting! Filming pushed me to make slightly quicker decisions which I found both good and bad, but overall I really enjoyed the process and it’s given me motivation to paint from my imagination again.

This painting is now for sale on my Etsy shop! Click here to buy! I’ll be putting the prices of all my artwork up at the start of February, so if you’d like it/to grab a bargain head over there now! Sign up to my newsletter and you can get 10% off this painting and all my artwork! Just subscribe at the bottom of my website page/via my Facebook page. 

I hope you enjoy this video. I’d love to hear your thoughts so please comment/subscribe to keep up to date. Thanks for watching – here’s to being brave and trying out new creative ventures! I’d love to know what new creative ventures you’re doing this year…?

Imagine the way, by Helen Barker 

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