Helen Barker Painting

Tree-House dreams


Sam was walking through the woods one day when the long, blue legs that stretched out across the ground in front of her, moving with every step, suddenly grew even longer. She allowed her eyes to follow them…and watched as the legs stretched into poles that reached up into the sky. At the top of the long, leg-poles perched a wooden house. Squinting through the sun she edged towards it, breathing thinly through cold, stretched lips….

House in the woods, Trees, Forest, House, Woods, Sunlight, Adventure, Story, Imagine, Landscape, Centre Parcs

I  really want to paint a wooden house in the trees! Saw this on our holiday at Centre Parcs and it fired up my imagination. Today, while my daughter napped, I quickly sketched some trees/leaves and played with watercolour on canvas – which created a weird, pool-like surface allowing a dreamy feeling to emerge. Lots to be done on this but a fun start – no house yet but that’s next!  Just wanted to share it with you! 

Trees - watercolour on canvas, Painting, watercolour, canvas, abstract, imagine, landscape, woods, forest, dreams

Have you ever stayed in a house in the woods? 

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