Watercolours paintings and prints (above)

I’ve just started this new project, to make watercolour paintings in a fairly loose style, inspired by the Japanese art of sumi-e painting. This style places the concept of “less is more” above all else and, in order to create paintings of harmony and true expression, uses mindfulness and meditation techniques before putting brush to paper, in order to be truly open and calm.

My paintings are also inspired by being out and about with my daughter and capturing a glimpse of the city as we rush to our play-date, or to an event – which feels like the opposite of tranquility! So bringing this style to my technique has been interesting and challenging.

Oil paintings and prints (below)

My oil paintings are much more about how I feel, they are responses to emotions, memories and people in my life. They are in some ways more direct and I find the process of painting them much more intimate. I hope you enjoy them x 


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