Personal Practice

My personal practice runs alongside my commissioned work and my more ‘commercial’ work, if you like. It’s work that I make because I’m interested in it – and you may be too. Everything here is for sale (shop here) but it is also just here for you to look at, ponder and take inspiration from. I work in projects. I like the way that projects organise in my mind and force ideas to come together like long lost friends. Here are my current projects….

Sheffield pubs 

North, East, South and West are the starting point for these gouache paintings of pubs. Local places set in fictional landscapes, inspired by the flattened world of retro video games and comics. I may make more in the future, but for now these four are a collection.

From top left, clockwise:

  1. Fagans
  2. Sheaf View
  3. The York
  4. The Rutland