Published Writing

Reviews on my blog

The Promise of the Internet | DINA, Sheffield, 2015

Time and Memory | Parasol Unit London, 2012

Published Writing

Deception | Verities Magazine, 2015 (download coming soon)

A taste of class | Verities Magazine, 2014 (download coming soon)

Bloc Artists| Opus Independents, 2014

Riverside Museum | Riksutstallningar, 2013 (download)

PhD Guide to Norway | The Science Registry, 2013

Deities at the bottom of the garden Catalogue | Text commissioned by Richard Bartle, 2012 (download)

Artquest | Art Route Madrid, September 2012  (download)

Muse-ings | Verities Magazine, June 2012 (download)

Broken | Article Magazine, May 2012 (download)

Of all possible things | Commissioned by Site Gallery, April 2012 (download)

S1 Love | Exposed Magazine, March 2012 (download)

New Contexts: Contemporary craft in historic settings | Designer Maker West Midlands, March 2012 (download)

The Sound of the Future | Riksutstallningar, March 2012 (download)

21st Century Living | The Culture Vulture, November 2011  (download)

Art as Community: a gallery in disguise | Riksutstallningar, September 2011  (download)

The Power of Walls | Verities Magazine, July 2011 (download coming soon)

We Blog | A-N Magazine, March 2011 (download)

Review – Choice Blog | A-N Magazine, March 2011 (download)

Writing, Watching, Waiting | Jotta, February 2011 (download)

Comic Reviews | Testing Ground Time Scale, January 2011 (download)

Biorhythm at Dublin Science Gallery | Riksutstallningar, October 2010 (download)

Misusing architecture and making dreams come true | Future Exhibitions journal, April 2010  (download)